Open Rehearsal – Home Project
With Bunbury Banter

Wednesday 20 April and Tuesday 3 May

You are invited to join one or both rehearsals

If you would like to attend, please be in touch with Phil Anderson-Dyer via his email:

About the open rehearsals

The team at Bunbury Banter is creating a new work to feature in the Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival in May 2022. This work is being written and performed by Bunbury Banter’s artistic director, Ali Anderson-Dyer and is the first time Ali has created her own solo show. Ali is working with co-director Nigel Ashworth and, as always, is supported by Creative Producer Philip Anderson-Dyer

Bunbury Banter would like to invite a small group to join their development workshops on 20 April and 3 May at Cample Line

Central to this work is how it engages with an audience as well as the space in which it is performed. Bunbury Banter are not trying to perfect everything behind closed doors and then reveal the work to an audience. They aim to invite their audience to share the imaginative space with them, in the hope that each person will add to the story and find their own way to complete it

Join them as they rehearse in our downstairs space. You will have the opportunity to share your thoughts or questions about the piece with them. It is far from finished, and is not a performance or a work-in-progress sharing

The session should last around 90 minutes

About Bunbury Banter

Bunbury Banter are a Dumfries & Galloway based award winning theatre company creating multi-sensory, immersive productions which build a sense of community through shared artistic experience. They make work which actively promotes and provokes audience response, encouraging us all to see the world from new perspectives.

They are committed to making accessible work, which responds to and resonates with our regional community of Dumfries and Galloway, whilst remaining relevant to the wider theatrical and societal landscapes.

They are passionate about inspiring young people using the medium of theatre. Recognising the power of participation, they run dedicated programmes empowering them and opening up possibilities with which to explore the ways they engage with the world

You can find out more about Bunbury Banter via their website here