For the first three years, we will draw upon the subjects of some of the public lectures organised by the THORNHILL INSTITUTE in the 1850s, 1860s and 1870s to provide a broad basis for projects and for a programme of contemporary visual arts, films, talks and related activities at CAMPLE LINE. The lectures organised by the Institute were wide-ranging and the subjects included the following:

  • EGYPT & PALESTINE (8 Mar 1853)
  • LIVING BEINGS (28 Mar 1854)
  • LUNAR SCIENCE & SCENERY (8 Jan 1856)
  • WORDS (16 Jan 1862)
  • GOLD (20 Feb 1865)
  • WOMENS SUFFRAGE (2 April 1874)

We will also invoke the breadth of material that was held in Dr GRIERSON’S MUSEUM, a small Victorian museum created by local Doctor Thomas Boyle Grierson and located in New St in Thornhill between 1872 and 1965. Grierson’s intellectual interests extended to the whole world, whilst his professional interests were focused on improving the lives of those in his community. His museum included objects and artefacts literally dug from the fields of the surrounding communities, as well objects and items sent or brought from very far away.

We hope to use the scope of Grierson’s interests and of his museum – the very near and the very far – as a pretext for showing work of international dimension that can also resonate with the area. Over the next three years, we aim to present two or three projects a year that will be designed to present selected international contemporary visual art and film to visitors in such as way that they can also reflect on or engage with the Nithsdale area’s history of ideas, institutions and industries.

Those projects will take shape in a range of ways, featuring single artworks, or exhibitions, in conjunction with screenings, talks or readings.

We will also pursue other ad-hoc activities in response to the programmes of partner and peer organisations, insofar as these are compatible with and support our charitable purposes.