statement on anti-racism

CAMPLE LINE stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and with those rejecting racism and demanding justice and social change. 

We recognise that structural racism is deeply rooted within our society and remains endemic, including within the arts sector, and we acknowledge the inequalities it produces for Black people and for those who are from Asian and minority ethnic communities. 

Indeed, the insidious consequences of structural racism for individuals, families and communities and their traumatic impacts have been all too apparent in recent weeks and months. 

There is an urgent need for systemic and lasting change, and we are committed to doing our share and to taking actions within our own organisation to bring these about.   

Though we are a relatively new organisation, we have committed to building a public programme around visual arts, film and literature that amplifies a wide diversity of voices, places and experiences and promotes equality, with a particular focus on non-dominant narratives and communities, both within the UK and internationally. 

We recognise, however, that even within our short track record, there are imbalances and omissions in representation within our programme and our organisation, and that as such we contribute to rather than challenge longstanding inequalities as well as their impacts. 

As we continue to develop CAMPLE LINE, we will challenge ourselves and make changes within our own organisation and work with others to combat racism and inequality.

To do this, we are taking time to educate ourselves as an organisation on anti-racism, and we are examining how structural racism materialises within our own work, organisation and sector. 

As we do so, we are identifying ways that we can support, donate to, and actively engage with organisations that work directly to effect change, eradicate racism and alleviate its impacts.

Within this process we will articulate our commitments to anti-racism, equality and diversity, and set out the actions we will take to put these into practice in all aspects of what we do, how we work, who we work with, and who we reach and include. We will share these via our website by September. 

In the meantime, we would welcome a wider conversation with our neighbours and surrounding communities and audiences on anti-racism, equality and diversity. Below we list some of the resources that are helping us to steer our own learning and guide our next steps.

Black Lives Matter and anti-racism resources, including those for young people and children

Anti-racism resources (Google doc) – includes articles, films, TV series, podcasts, books and resources for parents

Creative workforce for the Future – inclusion training for creative organisations

Inclusive Cinema, Black Lives Matter – Inclusive Cinema is committed to addressing inequality and promoting diversity in UK cinema exhibition

Into Film, Black Lives Matter Resources – films exploring issues of racism, with accompanying resource packs that can be integrated into curriculum subjects

Scottish Book Trust – resources and anti-racist book recommendations for children and teens

Events and Screenings

Africa in Motion Film Festival – An annual African film festival hosted across Glasgow & Edinburgh, 30 October – 8 November 2020

Dardishi Festival – Glasgow-based festival showcasing Arab and North African womxn’s contributions to contemporary art and culture

Fringe of Colour Films – an online arts festival for Black & Brown/PoC creatives, launching in August 

UK organisations you can support and donate to

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter UK 

Black Minds Matter

UK Black Pride

Stop Hate UK

Show Racism the Red Card Scotland 

The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust

Runnymede Trust