Cha-u-Kao Sniffs a Cloud of Oyster Mushroom & the Mushroom Sniffs Back, 2022

Risograph print
Paper size H 29.7 x W 42cm
Image size H x W
Edition of 35

£85 (unframed)
plus cost of package and postage – UK only
If you are based outside of the UK and would like to order this edition, please be in touch with us: info@campleline.org.uk

Artist Abi Palmer has produced two new limited edition prints for CAMPLE LINE – Hand / Mirror / Leaf and Cha-u-Kao Sniffs a Cloud of Oyster Mushroom & the Mushroom Sniffs Back. The two prints form part of a body of work that Abi began developing in the context of the pandemic, which explore her relationship with her housebound cats Cha-u-Kao and Lola Lola. Abi lives on the third floor of an ‘accessible’ building, although that doesn’t make it easy to access the outdoors. By default, Cha-u-Kao and Lola Lola are indoor cats, and during the pandemic, Abi related to their desire to interact with an outside that they could not reach. It was a desire she herself recognised, compounded by the circumstances of the lockdowns and restrictions, and she began exploring ways of reproducing the outside world for them.

The two new prints for CAMPLE LINE use still images taken from footage related to Abi’s short film All the worlds you’ll never see (2021), which screened at CAMPLE LINE in August 2022 as part of a programme entitled Performing the Outside World. All the worlds you’ll never see was commissioned by Shape Arts in 2021 and chronicles some of Abi’s initial efforts to bring the outside world to Cha-u-Kao and Lola Lola. In the film, we see Abi gathering flowers, grasses, leaves and bits of twig, which she brings together in her spare room as a sensory environment for the cats to explore. The process of sharing her findings with her cats became a regular aspect of play and bonding, engaging them in sensory interaction and movement.

In the print we see Cha-u-Kao curiously sniffing a large oyster mushroom whilst perched on an orange cushion.

As part of an Artangel commission launching in March 2023, Abi Palmer Invents the Weather, Abi has developed four new films in collaboration with Cha-u-Kao and Lola Lola, which take the seasons at their starting point. For each film, Abi used sensory found objects from local woodlands to reinvent the experience of autumn rain, winter fog, spring sunlight and summer heat for her cats.

The accompanying voiceover, written and narrated by Palmer, is a love letter to her cats and the climate, and explores the tensions between what we can and can’t control. The resulting films are a playful meditation on disability, climate, and life that can’t talk back.’

Abi Palmer is an artist and writer. Her work often touches on themes of disability, queerness and multisensory intervention. 

Key work includes: Sanatorium (Penned in the Margins, 2020) – a fragmented memoir, jumping between luxury thermal pool, and blue inflatable bathtub; and Crip Casino – an interactive gambling arcade parodying the wellness industry and institutionalised spaces. It has been exhibited at Tate Modern, Somerset House, Wellcome Collection and Collective Edinburgh. She has also been commissioned by Wysing Arts Centre, BBC Radio, Vice News, Wellcome, the Guardian and Shape Arts. 
Her film series Abi Palmer Invents the Weather (Artangel, 2023) explores themes of access, isolation and the urgency of climate change, through attempting to capture, distil and convey the entire outside world into small ritualistic performances for her indoor cats. In 2020 she received an Artangel ‘Thinking Time’ grant. In 2021 she was a recipient of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s ‘Awards for Artists.’ Sanatorium was shortlisted for the Barbellion Prize. Her multisensory poetry installation Alchemy (2016) won a Saboteur award.

If you have any questions about Abi’s two editions, please contact us at info@campleline.org.uk