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Screening: Maeve Brennan’s ‘Jerusalem Pink’, 2016
+ Q&A with the artist

29th September 2018 | 5:00 pm

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still from Maeve Brennan, Jerusalem Pink, 2016 (40mins) copyright 2018 Maeve Brennan

Please join us for this screening of artist Maeve Brennan’s 40 minute film Jerusalem Pink, which explores modern stone quarrying in Palestine in connection to an architectural survey her great-grandfather had completed of the Dome of the Rock, the Islamic Shrine at Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

The film documents four experts (an archaeologist, a stone worker, a geologist and an architect) discussing the Palestinian landscape and its limestone geology from the perspective of their disciplines.

We are delighted that Maeve Brennan will join us for a short Q&A following the screening.

Of the film, Brennan has said: ‘…there is a part where the geologist, Dr Taleb al Harithi, says ‘If you blindfold me and drop me anywhere in Palestine, when I wake up I can tell where I am by the stones.’ This was an incredibly important moment because it demonstrated a specific kind of embodied knowledge. He told me that he goes every summer to look for minerals and precious stones on the Palestinian side of the Jordan valley. And because of his knowledge about the shift in tectonic plates he can work out where the same minerals will be deposited on the other side of the valley and goes and collects them there…His knowledge of the landscape is a very particular one and its manifests in stone.’

We are pleased to screen Jerusalem Pink in the context of our current exhibition, Louise Hopkins’ Flying Fox, and in proximity of the nearby Closeburn Limestone Formation.

£2 (booking required)
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29th September 2018
5:00 pm


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