Kate Temple

Workshops this June 

12 June, 1-4pm, in person (5 places available)
14 & 21 June, 6-7:30pm, online (10 places available)

Join artist Kate Temple for this series of ink making workshops which will take place in-person on 12 June, with the opportunity of joining two follow-up online workshops on 14 and 21 June.

In person workshop

In this informal afternoon workshop at Cample Line, artist Kate Temple will introduce participants to some simple ink-making processes, using plant material and food-waste. We’ll go for a short walk to discuss local plants suitable for ink making, and we’ll return to Cample to make an ink together. We’ll experiment with different ways to works with inks, making marks and drawings using simple tools and household modifiers such as salt, bicarb and vinegar.

There will be a short break in the middle. Teas, coffees and some cold drinks are available.

Please bring outer clothing and footwear appropriate to the weather.

Weather-permitting, the whole workshop will take place outdoors and we will set up tables in our outdoor green space. If need be (rain!), the ink-making session will take place indoors and will be fully compliant with all government guidelines including physical distancing and the wearing of face coverings. If you have any further questions about this, please be in touch with us directly: 01848 331 000 or info@campleline.org.uk

Online workshops

These workshops will both run on zoom from 6-7.30pm, with 10 places available. A zoom link will be sent to you on confirmation of this booking.

On booking, we will send you a list of things that Kate recommends you to gather and have to hand ahead of the workshops. This will include a little outdoor gathering in your garden, or the green spaces in or near to you, or any other place you’ll be visiting.

UK only: We will also send you a small package of tools to help you particulate . We’ll be in touch on booking.

In the first workshop on Monday 14 June, we will discuss different ways to extract colour from plants and food waste to make simple inks. We’ll make an evaporated ink, a raw ink and an iron rust ink together. Suggestions of plant material to bring include tree bark, woody herbs such as rosemary, onion skins, berries and flower petals.

In the second workshop on Monday 21 June, we’ll experiment with making marks and drawings with our homemade inks, adding household modifiers such as salt, bicarb and vinegar to get interesting effects and colour shifts.

About Kate Temple

Kate Temple is a visual artist living near Edinburgh. She has an MA in Fine Art from Edinburgh College of Art / Edinburgh University (2003), and an MA in Performance, Design & Practice from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design (2009). 

Kate works with installation, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, painting and performance. She is interested in cross-disciplinary and socially engaged practices and frequently works in collaboration with other artists and non-artists. She also works in art and community engagement, leading and facilitating projects for a range of groups and individuals. 

Recent projects include ‘The Salty Cat Walks the Shiny House‘, an Imaginate residency in a primary school focussing on collections and objects, ‘VOLCANO,’ a collaborative performance project about deafness and ‘The Echo Project‘, an ongoing project about the myth of Echo and Narcissus.

Drawing and collecting are regular elements of Kate’s practice. Since lockdown she’s been working with plant material foraged from near her home. She’s been making her own ‘living’ inks; oak gall, acorn cap, elderberry, bramble, rosehip, sloe, gorse, nettle, tulip petal, copper and iron.