Natural ink-making

Why not have a go at home? Click the images to download artist Kate Temple’s natural ink-making recipe cards below ↓

As a follow-up to her workshops at Cample in 2021, Kate worked with us on a set of three ink-making ‘recipe’ cards for those who would like to try making their own inks at home

There are three cards – for a raw ink, an evaporated ink and an iron ink

You can download a digital set of those cards by clicking on the images below. 

About Kate Temple

Kate Temple is a visual artist living near Edinburgh. She has an MA in Fine Art from Edinburgh College of Art / Edinburgh University (2003), and an MA in Performance, Design & Practice from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design (2009). 

Kate works with installation, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, painting and performance. She is interested in cross-disciplinary and socially engaged practices and frequently works in collaboration with other artists and non-artists. She also works in art and community engagement, leading and facilitating projects for a range of groups and individuals. 

Recent projects include ‘The Salty Cat Walks the Shiny House‘, an Imaginate residency in a primary school focussing on collections and objects, ‘VOLCANO,’ a collaborative performance project about deafness and ‘The Echo Project‘, an ongoing project about the myth of Echo and Narcissus.

Drawing and collecting are regular elements of Kate’s practice. Since lockdown she’s been working with plant material foraged from near her home. She’s been making her own ‘living’ inks; oak gall, acorn cap, elderberry, bramble, rosehip, sloe, gorse, nettle, tulip petal, copper and iron.