Laying Down with Dogs
A reading with Mark Zygadlo

Thursday 5 May

Free to join – you can book below
Hosted by CAMPLE LINE Book Group

Join CAMPLE LINE Book Group and Mark Zygadlo on Thursday 5 May at 7pm for this informal opportunity to hear Mark read a few short passages from his memoir Lying Down With Dogs: A Personal Portrait of a Polish Exile, published in 2001.

Especially resonant in the context of the war in Ukraine, Lying Down With Dogs describes a journey that Mark took with his father back to Poland in the 1980s towards the end of his life. As Mark has said: ‘this book is an exercise in memory and imagination. Hung upon the framework of our journey are his memories of flight from the invaders, capture by the Red Army and escape to Hungary, and also an account of my own later journey to Ukraine.’

Mark will select a few short passages and there will be a chance for questions and conversation.  

Mark Zygadlo is an artist, maker and writer who lives in Dumfries and Galloway. Recent projects include Modern Makers 2022, with Upland; Atlas Pandemica, 2020-2022, with The Stove Network; and The WaterOrgan, 2019, with Upland. Other projects include Tide Machine, 2010-12, originator and collaborator with Oceanallover; Lost Supper,  2012-14, originator, collaborators: Mischief LàBas and Oceanallover; Nithraid. 2013 – 2021, annual event with the Stove, Dumfries;  Secret Ministry of Dreams, (Secret Ministry in collaboration with BRAT Teatro, Friuli and Venice) 2016-17, ongoing; Rosefield Mills Project with Dumfries Historic Buildings Trust