Lumens: Alternative and Experimental Ways to use Photographic Printing paper

A workshop led by Brittonie Fletcher

Saturday 16 July, 11am-3pm

Bring a picnic lunch

No creative experience is necessary
Suitable for all ages, this is a slow printing process.

All materials will be provided.

£3 per person

In this workshop led by artist Brittonie Fletcher, participants will have the opportunity to explore various techniques of the lumen print process. Lumen prints (and related variants) use analogue photographic papers which are selectively masked with transparencies or objects, exposed to light, and can be fixed or stabilised. Brittonie will guide participants through all the stages of the process, from assembling the printing frame, to experimenting with different techniques, such as lumen print collages, camera-less prints, and chemilumin or accelerated lumen variants using household materials and plants. Brittonie will also share some of the history of the process and discuss light, climate, location and materials.

Brittonie Fletcher (MFA) is an artist and educator based in Edinburgh. Her photographic practice includes historic,  technical analogue and hybrid alternative photographic processes. Brittonie teaches Eco-Darkroom courses for Stills Centre for Photography,  exploring sustainable and environmentally friendly photographic processes.