Make you own clay figure
With Ruth Elizabeth Jones

Drop-in Workshop
At Cample

Saturday 23 April

All ages welcome
No previous experience necessary
Last drop-in at 3.30pm

About the drop-in workshop

Join us for this drop-in workshop, led by Moniaive-based ceramist Ruth Elizabeth Jones. You can join us any time between 1pm and 3.30pm, with a finishing time of 4pm

No previous experience in working with clay is necessary

People have been depicting the human form for 30,000 years. Stone Age people across different cultures and continents modelled figures in clay or carved them in stone or mammoth tusk. Like Renee So, whose exhibition is currently at Cample, Ruth Elizabeth Jones has a longstanding fascination with Neolithic ceramics, including figurines

Taking some inspiration from the ancient figures that have long interested Ruth, as well as from the work of Renee So, Ruth help you make your own clay figure – ancient or modern!

Ruth works mainly with traditional hand building techniques to create her own vessels. In the drop-in, you will use a groggy pale clay and work with your hands. All the finished pieces will be taken away and fired in Ruth’s kiln, and then delivered back to Cample for collection once they have been fired

About Ruth

Ruth trained in 3D Design at Bournville College of Art, Birmingham and then in Studio Ceramics at the University of Derby. For many years she produced earthenware tableware, establishing studios in Derby and then Dumfries & Galloway where she has lived since 1999. She has exhibited across the UK since 1990

Ruth is a passionate educator and has had a long successful career in Further Education and community settings. Teaching hundreds of young and mature students how to work with clay, she has inspired and guided many successful new artists on their creative paths

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