Map making: a creative online workshop
Sat 20 February 2021

Led by Juliana Capes and inspired by our current exhibition, Sara Barker’s undo the knot

Online, free
12 spaces available

This February artist Juliana Capes will lead a creative workshop that invites you to explore your memories of place and journey through processes of description, mapping, drawing, folding, knotting, weaving and painting.

About this session

Join this informal and engaging session and make artworks layered with meaningful marks and memories.

Guided by Juliana, this workshop will begin with a simple drawing activity based around processes of describing and mapping in relation to places that are special to us, or memorable journeys we have taken, or a commute we aren’t doing at the moment. There will be opportunity to share these with each other and draw maps of each other’s descriptions.

In the workshop Juliana will include some paper folding, knotting and weaving techniques for you to try so that you can develop your map in three dimensions, and there will also be a chance to add paint and explore colour and emotion.

About Juliana Capes

Juliana Capes is an award-winning multi-disciplinary visual artist. She has worked in the arts in Scotland for the last 23 years, exhibiting most recently at Edinburgh’s Fruitmarket Gallery, Royal Scottish Academy and Edinburgh Art Festival.

Juliana’s diverse practice often uses the vocabulary of natural phenomena to ask questions about the processes of feeling, seeing and believing. She is also passionate about access to the arts and concurrently works in creative learning in galleries and community contexts. In particular over the last 15 years she has worked extensively with a Visually Impaired audience, notably as lead artist on the National Gallery of Scotland’s Visual Impairment programme.

Do I need to have any experience to participate?

No, you don’t need any experience. Juliana has designed the workshop to suit all abilities, including those who have no previous experience in drawing, paper folding or weaving, as well as those who have tried them before or who practice them more regularly.

What materials or tools will I need?

We will send a list of what you will need for the worksop upon booking. You should be able to source the majority of the materials easily – these include scissors, paints or anything colourful that you have to hand – tester paint pots, food colouring, make up 

We can also send you a package of the main materials if you would like.

Where will the workshop take place?

The workshop will take place on Zoom. A link will be sent to you once you book.

Do I need to do much preparation in advance?

You’ll need to gather the materials ready, but no practice or work needs to be done in advance.

If you would like further information prior to booking, email us on

Please note, the session will be recorded, and will be available to those attending to watch again as a replay