Outdoor drawing workshop
Responding to place through the drawn or written line
With visiting artist Anna Chapman Parker

Sunday 27 August
Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult

Join us for this workshop led by visiting artist Anna Chapman Parker, in which we will explore a range of ways that we can connect to our surroundings through the drawn or written line.

The workshop will take place in CAMPLE LINE’s greenspace, and will mostly be outdoor based, as we observe and sketch the wild plants around us.

Together, we will try a variety of drawing techniques, with an emphasis on an intuitive approach, and using plant-based drawing tools, insect-led tracing and sound-directed mark-making.

By the end of the workshop we will have created a book of plant drawings.

This workshop is suitable for all abilities. No previous experience of drawing needed.

→ Materials and sketchbooks will be provided
→ There will be a short break with light refreshments. Please bring your own packed lunch
→ Please wear footwear and outdoor clothing as appropriate for the conditions on the day

About the artist 
Anna Chapman Parker is an artist and writer based in Northumberland. Her work is centred on drawing as a way of developing and making visible the act of looking. For the last few years her research has focused on the representation of common wild plants or weeds, both in contemporary urban settings and through historical images.

Anna has said: ‘Weeds are our most ubiquitous and accessible plants. The same species show up through cracks in mid-century concrete and ancient paving, social housing and private estate with equal vivacity. They support pollinators, sink carbon and offer a year-long spectacle for everyone regardless of the land we might have access to. In private garden, windowbox, or kerbside – they will accompany your every walk. Over the last five years, I have been tracking the appearance and disappearance of my local wild plants through walking, drawing and writing along pavements, municipal verges and carpark edges, as well as by the river and woods near my home.’