Selection from Challenge for Change series, National Film Board of Canada

Throughout November, artist Susan Hiller’s thought-provoking installation The Last Silent Movie (2007) will be at CAMPLE LINE, on loan from The British Council Collection. It includes a set of 24 etchings and a 22 minute film that features voices speaking in extinct and endangered languages. Some voices sing, some tell stories, some recite vocabulary lists and some, directly or indirectly, accuse us – the listeners – of injustice.

The Last Silent Movie will be part of an on-going programme at CAMPLE called YOUR WORDS MOVE, the starting point for which is an album of world languages compiled in Thornhill in the 1870s by Dr Thomas B Grierson using a donation of language samples from the Bible Society. The album, now in Dumfries Museum, features an extraordinary array of languages from across the globe, many now severely endangered.

We are delighted to host artist Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen (Canadian, lives in Sweden) at CAMPLE briefly this autumn. Jacqueline will introduce four short films drawn from the National Film Board of Canada’s ground- breaking film series Challenge for Change | Société Nouvelle, and discuss her own practice. One of the most popular of the film series, The Ballad of Crowfoot, was filmed entirely by members of the Indian Film Crew, the First Nations unit founded by the NFB’s National Indian Training Programme. Made in 1968, the film examined the situation of Indigenous people in North America through the figure of Isapo-muxika (Crowfoot), the legendary 19th-century Siksika chief.