Drawing for Enjoyment
With Frank Hayes

Sat 18 May

Booking required

Tickets available on a sliding scale
Rate 1: £5
Rate 2: £3
Rate 3: £2 

Any questions? 
Email us: info[at]campleline.org.uk

Call us: 01848 331000

We are delighted to welcome Frank Hayes and For Enjoyment CIC to CAMPLE LINE to lead a Drawing for Enjoyment workshop at Cample in May. 

The workshop will take place in our downstairs space and take as a starting point our current exhibition, Gabriella Boyd’s Presser. The workshop will start with a very brief introduction to the exhibition and a chance to look at Gabriella’s work before making a start on our own drawings.

For Enjoyment offer people the opportunity to take time out from their busy lives to rediscover the joy of being creative, and to explore the practice of drawing together. For Enjoyment believes in creating an atmosphere where people can develop confidence and feel comfortable trying new things. Through use of different media, styles and techniques, participants can break out of their comfort zones.

This will be an inclusive and supportive workshop with a focus on simply enjoying the drawing process. For Enjoyment believe that all work is valid, all mistakes are useful, and all energy spent developing creativity is time well spent.

The workshop will be for all abilities. No previous experience of drawing is required. All materials will be provided.

For more information about For Enjoyment CIC, visit their Drawing for Enjoyment Facebook page. 

Refreshments: We will have refreshments at CAMPLE LINE. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements when you book.

Recommended for ages 16 yrs+ Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.