Screenings at home - recommendations

  1. We recommend using Google Chrome. We have found Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge and Safari to be less reliable for streaming films.
    • To download Chrome on your computer or to get the latest update click here
    • Or search ‘Google Chrome’ in the App Store / Play Store if you are using a phone or tablet
  2. We encourage you to watch the film in full-screen mode by hovering your cursor over the video window and clicking the symbol that appears in the bottom-right corner
  3. The stream is available in up to 1080p quality, which you can opt for by hovering your cursor over the video window and clicking the Resolution symbol, then selecting a resolution option. Please note your internet speed may not accommodate seamless viewing at 1080p 
  4. You can switch on subtitles for d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing by hovering your cursor over the video window and clicking the  symbol that appears in the bottom-right corner. For non-English language films, you can toggle between regular English subtitles and subtitles for d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH) via the Captions menu.
  5. If the subtitles fail to load, hit refresh, click ‘Watch now’ to re-enter the stream and then click ‘Resume watching’, then press the CC symbol once again. 
  6. Issues such as looping and lagging are most often sorted by refreshing the page
  7. To improve the strength of your internet connection, try to limit the number of devices connected to the router you are using. We also recommend closing all other windows, programmes and apps on the device you are using to watch the film
  8. It can help to bring your device closer to your router if you find your internet connection is poor
  9. If the film unexpectedly stops playing, please check your internet connection and try restarting your router
  10. Please note the quality of the stream is sometimes affected by variables beyond our control

post-screening Q&A - Recommendations

  • Your ticket booking gives you automatic access to the Q&A – you do not need to reserve any additional tickets for this
  • We would love for you to join our Q&A live, but you can also watch a replay if you missed the live version
  • To access, click the Q&A tab on our Film viewing page on Eventive (where it states ‘1 film + livestream in package’) 
  • When the Q&A goes live, you will see a red ‘Live now’ icon and will be able to click the ‘Enter livestream’ button to start viewing
  • If you are watching as a replay, the Q&A will display as ‘Recorded’. A message below the viewing pane tells you how long the replay will remain available.
  • You will be able to contribute your own thoughts or questions via the chat window if you would like to. You can also continue to add comments if you are watching the Q&A as a replay 


What is a communal watch?

    • For our ‘communal watch’ we will all stream the film individually, but start watching at the same time (6:30pm)
    • It’s just like watching any other film on YouTube or Vimeo, only we will all be watching (roughly) in tandem
    • This means that if you have any technical problems, you will be able to refresh the page or allow the film to buffer and not miss anything
    • You can also watch the film in full even if you arrive a little late, and there will be time for a break and a cuppa before our live discussion starts at 8:30pm

Can I still watch the film even if I miss the communal watch?

    • Yes, the film will continue to be available after the communal watch
    • You will be able to order a ticket and watch the film at any point up until 6:30pm on Sunday 2 August
    • You can also watch a replay of our live post-screening Q&A if you missed it live

What is Eventive?

    • Eventive is a secure platform which allows us to programme and screen films for audiences online
    • If you have more questions about using Eventive, you can access their own FAQs and live chat support here

Will I be visible on video during the post-screening Q&A?

    • No, you will not be seen or heard during the live discussion, but you will be able to contribute thoughts and questions by typing in the chat window if you would like to

For further queries and troubleshooting please contact our Screening Programme Coordinator: