Image: Kira Freije, Moving towards the calm one, whose arms open, the breadth of happiness in measurable form, 2021, stainless steel, cast aluminium. Photo: Mike Bolam

Above: Kira Freije, Moving towards the calm one, whose arms open, the breadth of happiness in measurable form, 2021, stainless steel, cast aluminium. Photo: Mike Bolam
Below: Kira Freije, Passages; Attendant; Awakes to ask did they decide, 2019, stainless steel, mouth blown glass, LED light. Photo Mike Bolam

Kira Freije’s river by night is installed across our upstairs and entrance spaces, the exhibition includes new and recent sculptural work that coalesces figurative, assemblage and functional forms, and combines industrial metalworking and glass-blowing techniques.

river by night brings together elements that recur in Freije’s work – the human presence, narrative fragments, evocation of time and place, and references to interior states and to the built and natural worlds – which take on a distinct charge in relation to Cample’s domestic scale and rural setting. A pair of figures entitled fireworks stand together as if looking out of a window onto the greenspace below, whilst another, entitled permanence of a sacred tongue, is dropped on one knee, her head thrown back and hands raised as though in a moment of private euphoria. The exhibition title – river by night – offers a tentative narrative hook, alluding to the presence of the river Cample, just some 15 metres from the gallery building, and imparting a nocturnal register, at once comforting and unnerving. A tall streetlamp (from which the exhibition takes its title) looms like a delicate beacon, a marker of a threshold. Other works – Recognition of the world behind nightfall and Autumn dusk – equally conjure a sense of the fading day, of one thing becoming another, of the liminal state.

Kira Freije will be in conversation at Cample on Sat 13 May. river by night is her first solo exhibition in Scotland and is accompanied by newly commissioned writing by Francesca Wade. 

Supported by Creative Scotland, The Elephant Trust and The Henry Moore Foundation.

The exhibition will travel on to Kestle Barton, Cornwall, in June 2023


Watch the exhibition film that accompanies River by night at CAMPLE LINE. Featuring an interview with Kira Freije recorded in February 2023.

Kira Freije (b 1985, London) lives and works in London. She employs metal, fabric, and found materials to produce materially rich sculptures that explore fragmentary narrative situations driven by empathy. She studied at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, University of Oxford (2008-2011) and the Royal Academy Schools, graduating in 2016.

Freije has a forthcoming solo exhibition, The Throat is a Threaded Melody, at E-WERK Luckenwalde, Germany, April-July 2023. Her work is also included in Trickster Figures: Sculpture and the Body, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, Feb-May 2023, curated by Jes Fernie.

Recent solo exhibitions include: Meteorites, the Approach, London (2022) and Soft Opening, London (2019).


Kira Freije artwork Memory of the Voyager described by Erin Fraser

Kira Freije’s artwork Awakes to ask did they decide described by Bethany Platt

Listen to the exhibition essay by Francesca Wade, commissioned by CAMPLE LINE. 

Listen to the river by night gallery text, which describes Kira’s creative process.


Thursday 6 April 
Full Moon event with Dark Sky Ranger Elizabeth Tindal.

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Saturday 29 April
A Performance for Six Voices – a response to river by night by Dave Borthwick, Lainey Cartwright, Florence Gherardi, Nimaya Lemal, Divya Singh Raghuvanshi and Aparna Ravindran.

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