Film and artists moving image

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A programme of screenings across three weekends


Dryden Goodwin, still from Poised, 2012
Courtesy of Dryden Goodwin and Lux, London

Last summer CAMPLE LINE presented a series of three screening weekends, featuring films and artists moving image suitable for a range of ages. The programme included both short and feature-length films made by a wide range of artists and filmmakers, many of whom have explored the perspectives, dreams, games and imaginings of children and young people, as well as the decisions, expectations and disciplines placed upon them and the journeys they embark upon.

We selected films by artists and filmmakers who bring compassion, humour, interest, respect and integrity towards their young subjects, and who reflect the experiences and lives of children and young people around the world.

We were pleased to share wonderful films by Albert Lamorisse, Norman McLaren, Robert Breer, Ana Mendieta, Colin Low, Margaret Tait, Sally Potter, Miranda Pennell, Otto Bell, Dryden Goodwin, Salla Tykka, Pilvi Takala, Moufida Fedhila, Mohammed-Ali Talebi, Jillian Schlesinger and others.


Loosely themed around ‘my world’ and beginning with Albert Lamorisse’s beautiful classic children’s film The Red Balloon (1953), the selection included short films that reveal brief moments in time: the atmospheric streets of Paris; the rocky foreshore of Fogo Island, Canada; a sunny garden on Orkney; a school yard in Iowa; and a street in London. Places and objects are writ large and appear to become characters in the films.

Broadly themed around ‘dreams, expectations, decisions’ and beginning with Pilvi Takala’s wonderful short film The Committee (2013), the selection included short films that give an insight into how children and young people share and make decisions, and into their motivations and dreams, the expectations placed upon them, and the discipline they can bring to their worlds.

Broadly reflecting on the notion of the ‘journey’, this weekend’s selection included stories of imagination, adventure, commitment and endurance. Beginning with three beautiful short animations by Ezra Wube, this weekend’s films featured everyday journeys alongside singular undertakings (MAIDENTRIP), which are all in their own ways remarkable and moving.


Alongside the screenings, we were delighted to show hand-painted cinema posters by artist Charlie Hammond, in conjunction with a small original poster printed in Thornhill and advertising the opening hours and terms of entry for Dr Grierson’s Museum on New Years Day 1885. Gratefully loaned to CAMPLE LINE by Dumfries & Galloway Archives and with thanks to Graham Roberts.