Four online evening classes
beginning 5 November

Led by artist Lilian Ptacek
Every Thursday 5-26 November (inclusive)
Online, free, for ages 16+
10 spaces per session

This autumn artist Lilian Ptacek will lead four online evening classes for CAMPLE LINE, taking place as a short course each Thursday evening 5-26 November (inclusive).

The classes will draw on Sara Barker’s exhibition undo the knot, and consider how Barker approached creating her work at a distance from the gallery. Over the four classes, you will be able to create prints using materials and objects that are to hand whilst taking inspiration from distant spaces and places that are not so easy to visit at this time.

Each class is based around a particular printmaking process. Lilian will introduce and guide you through each technique as you explore how memories and stories are integral to our understanding of spaces.

Lilian Ptacek graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in Fine Art, Painting and Printmaking in 2015. Since then, she has developed a practice across printmaking, collage and installation, often working collaboratively on projects with artists, community groups and young people. She has worked as an Art Educator for numerous organisations, including Edinburgh Printmakers, and she is currently working for The University of Edinburgh as a tutor for Access to Creative Education in Scotland (ACES).

You can download the presentations that Lilian has used in her classes here. 
Lilian developed these as resources for the classes, but you can adapt them for your own use.

Do I need to have any experience of printmaking to participate?

No, you don’t need any experience. Lilian has designed the classes to suit all abilities, including those who have no previous experience in printmaking as well as those who have tried printing before or who practice it more regularly.

What materials and tools will I need?

We will send a list of what you will need for each session upon booking. You should be able to source the majority of the materials for each session easily – these include paper, cardboard, grease-proof paper, foil, tissue paper. 

We will also send you a package of specific art materials and tools that you will need.

Do I need to do much preparation in advance?

You’ll need to gather the materials ready, but no practice or work needs to be done in advance.

Where will the classes take place?

The classes will take place on Zoom. A link will be sent to you once you book.

What if I can’t attend all four classes?

You can register for single classes or the whole course.

*Class 4 will follow on from Class 3. If you want to join Class 4 only (Thursday 26 November), please be in touch with us to book:

If you would like further information prior to booking, email us on

Please note, all the classes will be recorded, and will be available to those attending to watch again as a replay.