Seasonal foraging activities
Compiled by Kate Temple

Following her time as a visiting artist at CAMPLE LINE in 2022, Kate Temple has compiled ten seasonal creative activities that can be done at home, in the garden or on a walk. We have printed them as a set of activity cards, which come in four handy sleeves – one for each season. 

The activities can all be done using natural materials such as flowers, berries, acorns, leaves or tree bark, which you can forage outdoors, and with materials, equipment and tools that you might have to hand in your kitchen.

The activity cards include a list of the materials or equipment you might need, as well as instructions and space for you to make notes.

Whether you are interested in making your own inks with flowers from your garden, and using them to dye old pieces of fabric, or making your own camera-less photographs, Kate has selected creative activities that you can try on your own or enjoy with friends or family using natural materials and minimal equipment.

The activity packs can be downloaded for free as pdfs by clicking on the images below.

If you would like a printed set containing all four seasons, you can purchase below for £4 (p&p included in price – UK only). 

If you live outside the UK and would like to order a set, please be in touch: 

Kate Temple is a visual artist living near Edinburgh. She works with installation, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, painting and performance, and is interested in cross-disciplinary and socially engaged practices. She frequently works in collaboration with other artists and non-artists. She also works in art and community engagement, leading and facilitating projects for a range of groups and individuals.

Drawing and collecting are regular elements of Kate’s practice. Since 2020 she has been working with plant material foraged from near her home, and has been making her own ‘living’ inks; oak gall, acorn cap, elderberry, bramble, rosehip, sloe, gorse, nettle, tulip petal, copper and iron. 

Children will need adult supervision for these activities.

Foraging is a great opportunity to learn about the identity of flowers, berries and plants that grow in hedgerows, fields or wooded areas. Some are more well-known and easier to identify than others, but if you are unfamiliar with anything then take time to check what it is and collect it next time.

Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling any plant material.

Never eat any plant materials, especially wild mushrooms, without being able to confidently identify them first.

Download free PDFs