26 February - 5 March

A dusty, stripped down airplane engine sits atop a wheeled yellow metal frame in a storage room. Empty metal shelves line the wall to the right, and another airplane component sits on another yellow frame to the left. On the floor in front of the engine, a large peeling red and white sticker reads 'SALIDA EXIT' with an arrow pointing forwards. Half out of frame, a man in blue overalls and a red cap sweeps the floor.

When Lloyd Aereo Boliviano, one of the world’s oldest airlines, went bankrupt in 2008, many of the employees decided to continue working without a salary. Seven years later, they still check life vests, stitch covers for plane seats and manage their books despite their planes remaining grounded. 

Lloyd becomes a personal portrait of what this company meant and still means to its employees…Their pride swings in everything we see and hear.’  Nadin Mai, The Art of Slow Cinema

Sebastian Cordes’ (1988, Denmark) work focuses on a contemplative approach to the traditional documentary.  Although film is his primary medium, he comes from a background in philosophy. Of particular interest in his films are boredom, slowness, and examining the temporality of a place.

Friday 26 February 6pm – Friday 5 March 6pm (GMT) – available to watch

Friday 26 February 8pm – Director Sebastian Cordes will join us live from Denmark, in conversation with Dr Nadin Mai about the film and his wider work. 

– Please note, the live discussion will take place in Zoom. Once you have booked a ticket, you will be able to access the Zoom link via the ‘Enter Livestream’ button on the film viewing page. The link will also be emailed to you.

Closed captions will be available for the film

A PDF transcript of the discussion will be available on request


2015, Bolivia/Denmark
Directed by Sebastian Cordes
80 mins, Cert PG, English subtitles
Closed Captions for d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing available

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26 February – 5 March: available to watch online
Friday 26 February, 6pm: communal viewing
Friday 26 February, 8pm: Director Sebastian Cordes in conversation with Dr Nadin Mai


Director Sebastian Cordes in Conversation with Dr Nadin Mai


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Against a clear, dusky sky, a large solitary farmhouse is engulfed in flames. A dark black smoke plumes upwards and leans left, blown by the wind. Dotted across the frozen hillside in the fore and middle ground are several onlookers. The nearest, a solitary man in a pale jacket, stands centre right with his back to us, taking a photo of the burning house on his smartphone.